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REVIEWS - 2015

Alastair Miles - Lucia Di Lammermoor

Lucia Di Lammermoor, The Met


The English basso Alastair Miles was excellent as Raimondo ( Metropolitan Opera, March 2015 ), the Lammermoor chaplain and Lucia’s tutor.

Wilborn Hampton, Huffington Post


The only performance worth noting during the first two acts was the strong singing of Alastair Miles as the chaplain Raimondo. So central is Miles to holding your attention, you start to think that maybe the opera should have been called Raimondo di Lammermoor. Not to mention his deep bass voice was as nimble as a tenor’s

Steven Pisano, Feast of Music


As Raimondo, bass Alastair Miles was a gentle Raimondo. He was subdued during the duet with Lucia, his voice tender throughout. But when he came in between Enrico and Edgardo after the sextet, his voice boomed throughout the theater as the man of reason. However, he was frail in his “Oh! Qual funesto avvenimento!” He sang quietly, almost as if he was afraid to relate what he had just seen, thus forcing the listener in and adding greater suspense to the narration.

Latin Post